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Variétés de céréales


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Découvrez toute la gamme de compteurs à grains PFEUFFER

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Découvrez toute la gamme des tamis et trémies PFEUFFER

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Découvrez toute la gamme de diviseurs d'échantillons PFEUFFER

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Découvrez toute la gamme de testeur de Poids Spécifique PFEUFFER

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Découvrez toute la gamme des sondes de températures PFEUFFER

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Découvrez toute la gamme des nettoyeurs d'échantillons PFEUFFER

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Découvrez toute la gamme de broyeurs de laboratoire PFEUFFER

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Découvrez toute la gamme d'échantillonneurs PFEUFFER


Imagefilm Pfeuffer
Auto Sample Cleaner - first step at grain reception

Auto Sample Cleaner - first step at grain reception

Auto Sample Cleaner Dockage testing, sorting and weighing For a wide range of grains and seeds With aspiration and deawner Self-cleaning sorting sieve through ball cleaning system Low noise operation Touch screen display Integrated printer and LAN interface Function The Auto Sample Cleaner weighs an initial sample of grain or seeds (approx. 1.5 liters) in a single operation, starts the SLN 3 sample cleaner, carries out the deawning, opens and closes the deawner floor, performs the cleaning in a time-controlled manner and automatically weighs the two fractions of small grain and quality grain (cleaned sample). The modern operating software shows the determined masses and the corresponding percentages on the display. If required, the result can be printed out immediately or later. The result consists of the cleaning loss (aspirator discharge, straw and sand sieve) and the quality grain and small grain content. The weighed samples can be taken in collecting trays for further analysis or fall into a large material container (volume approx. 90 litres). The Panel PC stores all results. It has two USB interfaces for barcode scanner, keyboard or USB data storage. For easy processing with MS Excel® the results can be exported to a USB data memory. In addition, the Panel PC has a network connection (RJ45, LAN) for fast, automatic transfer of results to a ERP or merchandise management system. A sample cleaner SLN 3 is required for operation of the Auto Sample Cleaner. Optionally, a pneumatic transport system can be used for automatic sample disposal. Illustrations show Auto Sample Cleaner together with sample cleaner SLN 3.
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